5 ways serviced apartments make you a better business traveller


Be the best business traveller you can be by staying in a serviced apartment on your next work trip. Anyone who travels a lot for work knows that this type of lifestyle requires honing your skills and constantly evolving your practices for maximum efficiency. If you haven’t started staying in serviced apartments for your business […]

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Mark Chinese New Year and the Magical Lantern Festival in London


Celebrate Chinese New Year in London and let the celebrations continue into February with the Magical Lantern Festival. As the Chinese community in London gets ready to welcome in the Year of the Rooster, there couldn’t be a better excuse to join in the colourful festivities. Chinese New Year is a little earlier than usual, […]

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London locations to pick up the best Christmas presents


For every type of friend you have, London has a destination to help source their Christmas present. At this point in December, it’s hard to remain in denial that Christmas is nearly upon us. If you’re something of a last-minute present buyer, then it’s a good job you’ve got a stay at a London serviced apartment coming […]

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A guide to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland


A visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park should be at the top of Christmas activities to enjoy in London during your serviced apartment stay. Christmas is well on its way and amidst all the organising, buying and wrapping presents, it’s worth taking a little time to yourself to get into the festive spirit. This […]

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Guide to December in The City


Whether you want to embrace the Christmas spirit or explore what else The City has to offer this December, there’s certainly plenty to choose from. December is finally upon us and although there is one event that simply cannot be ignored – Christmas – there are plenty of other things going on in The City […]

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Don’t put your mother-in-law on an airbed this Christmas


Not enough beds, sheets or towels for everyone is just one of the setbacks to holding a large family Christmas at home. Christmas is a time for family, but it can also end up being a bit stressful when it comes to fitting all of your nearest and dearest in your own home. There are numerous benefits […]

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10 things nobody tells you about business travel


Travelling for work sounds like fun, but there are many sides to it that people simply don’t realise until they do it. Travelling for work may sound like heaven for some, but most people who have done it for a while know that the two elements lead to a complicated relationship. Yes, travelling can be […]

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