An American’s guide to surviving Thanksgiving in London


Thanksgiving in London may be different, but it can still be an occasion. If you’re an American and travelling for work or leisure, there’s one day in the year when it’s particularly difficult to be away from home. You guessed it – it’s Thanksgiving. While any celebration of the great American holiday will not be […]

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Marking World Philosophy Day in London


London has been a hotbed of philosophical debate for many years. There seems to be a day marking just about everything now – Dress Up Your Pet Day anyone? – but there are some days that are really worth taking notice of. And when they have been set up by the United Nations Educational, Scientific […]

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What is going on at Tower Bridge?


Tower Bridge may be closed to vehicles at present, but it’s a fascinating structure. For many people staying in serviced apartments in London, Tower Bridge is a very familiar site. As well as being an imposing landmark, it is also used regularly as a crossing point over the Thames, but not right now! Tower Bridge […]

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How to celebrate Halloween as an adult in London


Get into the mood for Halloween with these unique events for adults in London. It may seem a little bit juvenile dressing up as a witch and heading out to a Halloween party once you’re an adult, but we all need to enjoy a bit of fun in the autumn. After all, the summer’s over […]

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A book lover’s guide to London


London is a city with wonderful literary connections just waiting to be explored by book lovers. As the London Literature Festival gets underway this week (October 5th to 19th), it seems like a good time to look at what the capital has to offer for book lovers. From locations associated with literary characters and authors […]

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Guide to September in The City


Summer may be over, but there’s still plenty to do and see in The City of London this September. September can feel like a rather subdued time of year. After all, the summer is over and it feels like a bit of a slog until Christmas. This is not the case for those embarking on […]

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The City builds up to the Great Fire’s 350th anniversary


Things are hotting up in The City ahead of the fire’s 350th anniversary. On September 2nd 1666 a fire broke out in London that would rage for three days and go down in history. What originally started in Pudding Lane went on to become a famous event and one that is being marked in the […]

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