Unmissable exhibitions to catch in London this autumn


Autumn is a great time to head indoors and check out some of the world-class exhibitions that London has to offer.

As the weather gets colder, it’s only natural to seek out indoor activities to enjoy during your stay in London. Luckily, the capital is home to some world-class museums and institutions that put on an ever-changing schedule of exhibitions that will keep you out of the cold and hold your attention for hours.


Whatever your interests, London has the display to pique them.


Harry Potter: A History of Magic

It’s 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published, giving the British Library the perfect excuse to host this fascinating exhibition. Looking into the myths, legends, tradition and folklore that inspired JK Rowling’s novels, there’s so much to see.

Organised into areas corresponding to the lessons taught at Hogwarts – from Care of Magical Creatures to Defence Against the Dark Arts – this interactive exhibition is a must for all Potterheads. See the first recorded use of the word abracadabra; a 16th-century scroll instructing on how to create a philosopher’s stone; and annotated chapters from JK Rowling’s personal collection.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic is on now at the British Library and will run until February 28th.


Ferrari: Under the Skin

Another icon is celebrating an anniversary this year and that’s Ferrari. The Design Museum is marking 70 years of the car manufacturer with an exhibition that looks at the company’s origins as a small team with a big vision in war-ravaged Italy. It goes on to encompass the triumphs, including the vehicle which Michael Schumacher drove at the height of his Formula One career.

Explore the evolution of Ferrari from hand-drawn sketches and models to rare cars and stunning memorabilia. While this display pays a lot of attention to the past, the story continues, with the latest hybrid Ferrari on show.

Ferrari: Under the Skin opens to the public on November 15th.



Venom: Killer and Cure

It’s easy to think of the natural world as all cuddly and adorable, but a new exhibition this autumn is set to remind visitors that there is another side to the animals that inhabit the earth. Venom: Killer and Cure will take a closer look at the defence mechanisms of a whole host of creatures, from snails to snakes and centipedes to platypuses. Not only are these predators, and in some cases prey, able to defend themselves, but they offer up fascinating opportunities for natural substances to be harnessed as medicines for humans. Be warned, this exhibition gets up close and personal, so isn’t for the fainthearted!

Venom: Killer and Cure is at the Natural History Museum from November 10th.

Image result for Venom: Killer and Cure

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