The ultimate happy place for Londoners is surprisingly close to home

Londoners don’t have to travel far to find their happy places, according to new research that we here at SACO have carried out.

In fact, it doesn’t get much better than a pub lunch in the Cotswolds, with 22.9 per cent of those interviewed saying such an activity is their ultimate happy place.


This was followed up with an ice cream on Brighton Beach in close second. It just goes to show that despite the excitement and bustle of the capital, Londoners don’t need to go far to escape the city and relax.


In fact, these destinations are within a two-hour drive of London, making them easily accessible for a day trip if you are staying in a serviced apartment in the big smoke.

Such proximity is part of the appeal, with 52 per cent of the Londoners included in the study saying they like to be able to get to a location by car.

It gives them the flexibility to stop off along the way as they please and explore the surrounding area once they’ve arrived in their happy place.


Other benefits include being able to set off at the time that suits them; not requiring expensive travel insurance; and bringing along the family pooch for the ride.

It is also seen as much more affordable to staycation in the UK than take a holiday overseas, which can add to the pressure to have a good time.

The only problem with the UK is that the weather can’t be guaranteed, but that makes those bright sunny days all the more special when they do arrive.

Some 38 per cent of those surveyed said that if you could promise good weather at home then they wouldn’t be tempted to go abroad for their holidays.

Despite this, there’s something quite British about enjoying a day at the beach, whatever the weather, ice cream in hand, being blown around a bit.


A spokesperson for SACO said: “In terms of culture, history and picturesque scenery, many popular European resorts could not compete.”

Whether it’s paddling, skimming stones or building sandcastles, there are a wide range of activities to help you find your happy place within easy reach of your London serviced apartment.

And if you don’t want to venture too far at all, taking an open-top bus ride of London featured in the top ten happy places in our survey.


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