Treat your runner to a serviced apartment stay this London Marathon Weekend

Opting for a serviced apartment with mean your marathon runner can really relax before and after the race.

The London Marathon is fast-approaching – April 23rd to be precise – and if you’re a runner, you’ll be in the final stages of your training. For the loved ones of those competing, however, your role may not be as clear. Yes, you’ll want to be there to cheer your runner on, but there are other things you can do to help support them in what may be one of the biggest challenges of their life.

Do them a favour and earn some brownie points at the same time by booking a serviced apartment stay for the weekend of the race itself. There are loads of reasons why this is a good idea, so here’s a quick rundown:

Minimum travel distance

Wherever you’re coming from, you won’t want to have to travel far on the day of the race, either prior to setting off or afterwards. Check into your serviced apartment the day before and feel nice and relaxed knowing you don’t have to go far to get to the start. With SACO serviced apartments located at various positions throughout London, there’s plenty of choice and you’ll just be a short Tube ride away.

Prepare a pasta party

Show solidarity for your runner by cooking up a big bowl of carbohydrates for you and them the night before the race. With your own kitchen, complete with all the equipment you’ll need, you can make them their favourite pasta dish while they relax and prepare themselves mentally for the challenge ahead.

A good night’s sleep

Don’t worry if your runner wants to go to bed early, as it’s not like a hotel room, where you’re all in the same space. Simply stay up in the lounge area, watching TV and doing your own thing until they have drifted off and you’re ready to go to bed. This means you won’t be disturbing their all-important rest before the big day.

Soak those aching limbs

The best thing you can do after the race to relax your muscles is have a bath and what’s even better is you’ll have special cosmetics to put in it. SACO serviced apartments are well-stocked with fragrant goodies to help ease away any aches and pains sustained on the 26 miles and 385 yards.

Celebrate in style

After completing a marathon, your runner deserves a reward and being in London means they can really let their hair down. Perhaps they’ll want to go out to a fancy restaurant and there’s plenty of those – Duck and Waffle and Clos Maggiore – or indulge in a guilty pleasure, like Honest Burgers. Either way, they’ve got the whole capital at their feet or knees – they have just run a marathon!

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