How to make the most of British Pie Week in London

Don’t miss the opportunity to dine on a pie, whether you seek it out in London or make it yourself, this British Pie Week.

British Pie Week kicks off on Monday March 6th, with the all-important British Pie Awards being announced on Wednesday (March 8th). But how can you make the most of this pastry-filled occasion in London? Well, any Londoner will tell you that pies have been sating the appetite of the inhabitants for centuries and you can still get a great pie in the capital to this day.

Pie Week deals, promotions and specials

During Pie Week you can often get great pies at a discounted rate, as pubs and pie shops put on special promotions. Look out for deals that get you a pie and a good pint of ale for £10 or even two pies for the price of one. Also expect pie chefs to get a bit creative and produce special combinations and gourmet pies in honour of the occasion.

Where to enjoy pies in London

London has many a pie shop, but it’s worth seeking out the good ones, so here are our recommendations:

M Manze

While you can find branches of M Manze pie shops on the high streets in Peckham and Sutton, it’s worth heading to the one in Southwark, which dates back to 1902. It was originally run by Michele Manze and is still owned by the same family to this day, with the original proprietor’s grandsons at the helm. Order pie, mash and the distinctive green liquor to accompany your meal.

Old Bank of England

Right in the heart of The City of London, so particularly handy for anyone staying at SACO The Cannon, the Old Bank of England offers up delicious pies featuring classic fillings. But if anyone were to dispute its pie credentials, it could be pointed out that Victorian legend suggests that Sweeney Todd’s barber shop was located next door to the pub’s address. Eat your heart out Mrs Lovett!

Piebury Corner

Located on Holloway Road, Piebury Corner is a classic example of a food stall gaining so much success it requires a permanent home. Having sold gourmet pies to Arsenal fans making their way to the Emirates Stadium for matches, Piebury made its name. Now its pie delicatessen serves up everything from jerk chicken marinated in porter pie to lentil, sweet potato and Thai curry paste pie, many of which have football-related names. Anyone for an Aaron Lambsey or a Vieira-getarian?

Visit Eel Pie Island

In honour of British Pie Week, why not make a pilgrimage to Eel Pie Island? This small patch of land on the Thames at Twickenham was named after the traditional London delicacy baked in pies for day trippers. Unfortunately, these pies have disappeared from the island, along with the resident eel population, but the quirky name lives on.

Make pies in your serviced apartment kitchen

One of the great things about pies is that they are based on a really simple formula: pastry + filling + sauce = pie. This means that you don’t have to be particularly skilled in the kitchen to knock one up. You can even buy readymade pastry if the pie shell itself seems a little daunting. Pies make a great dinner option with some veg and a glug of gravy and you can even pop one in a plastic tub and take it into office for lunch.

Here’s some inspiration to help you think outside of the pie box when it comes to fillings:

  • Cock-a-leekie pie – a fancy name for chicken and leek
  • Steak and ale pie – things don’t get much heartier than this
  • Leek and potato pie – a classic for the veggies and always good with the addition of some cheese
  • Chicken pot pie – best made with a flaky pastry
  • Tourtiere du shack – recipe invented in Montreal with two types of pork
  • Curry sweet potato pie – for the vegetarians who like a bit of a kick

And for hardcore pie enthusiasts who wish to have pie for both courses – or have some pastry left over – here are some sweet pie ideas:

  • Cinnamon apple pie – a warming childhood classic
  • Lemon meringue pie – a wonderful sweet and tart combo
  • Gooseberry, apple and elderflower pie – a taste of the British countryside

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