5 ways serviced apartments make you a better business traveller

Be the best business traveller you can be by staying in a serviced apartment on your next work trip.

Anyone who travels a lot for work knows that this type of lifestyle requires honing your skills and constantly evolving your practices for maximum efficiency. If you haven’t started staying in serviced apartments for your business trips, then you’re missing a trick. There are a whole host of ways that they make you a better business traveller. Here are just a few:

  1. Separate rooms for the elements of your day

All business travellers have been put up in hotels and some are better than others, but the main problem is being confined to one room and an en-suite. This means you have to get any work tasks done in the same space that you use to sleep. And if you have some time to kick back and relax, it’s also likely to be that same four walls you’re looking at.

Serviced apartments replicate the well-designed living spaces of people’s homes, so you’ll have a living room for relaxing and a desk to work at, all well away from your bedroom. This will mean you can be properly prepared for the next day’s meeting with a client, but still get a good night sleep and feel refreshed.


SACO Covent Garden, St Martin’s

  1. Centrally located

Convenience should not be underestimated when travelling for work and the location of serviced apartments in city centres will certainly help you be a better business travellers. After all, being able to walk to an appointment is always less stressful than having to tackle public transport. It cuts the risk of being late, you won’t get hot and sweaty on the Tube or a bus and you can use the stroll to relax and mentally prepare your pitch.


  1. Well-equipped

The carry-on is a business traveller’s best friend, but staying in accommodation that is well-equipped makes it easier to pack the essentials into a small case. Don’t worry about bringing a hair dryer, as there will already be one at your serviced apartment and having washing facilities cuts down the need for fewer spare clothes.

Not only does travelling light mean you can stash your case in the overhead lockers on a plane and save time by skipping baggage reclaim, it makes you look more professional. If your tight itinerary means you can drop your case off at the apartment before a meeting, at least you won’t be walking in with a huge quantity of luggage.


SACO The Cannon

  1. Refuel well

A large part of business trips tends to be eating out. After all, who wants to order room service and eat it on the hotel bed every day?! While client meals are pretty much unavoidable, you can really make the most of the times when you can eat as you please. Knock up your own dishes in your serviced apartment kitchen. You’ll find you eat healthier and don’t need to sit reading your phone or a trade magazine in a restaurant on your own. You can even prepare meals to take into the office or devour between appointments to feel refuelled and fit to take on the world.

Need some ideas for healthy meals to cook in your serviced apartment? Check our suggestions out here.


SACO London Bridge, SE1


  1. Enough sockets

It is a well-known peculiarity of hotel rooms that there are never enough sockets and those there are can be found in the most inconvenient places. Serviced apartments are designed with the guest in mind, which means plenty of power pockets so you can charge your phone, laptop, tablet and even external battery ready for the next day. What’s more, they’re not hidden behind the bed or just beyond the reach of your cable from the desk. Never run out of battery on a work trip again.


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