5 non-Christmassy things you can do today

Stop writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents and rearranging the fridge to fit the turkey in and do something totally un-Christmassy today.

It’s nearly Christmas, there’s no denying it. Or is there? Whether you have everything ready under the tree and in the fridge and just want to enjoy a few days before the festivities kick off or you’re putting your head in the sand ostrich-style due to a lack of organisation, you can take a break. Here are five things you can do this very day that are not Christmassy and will save your sanity in the long-run.

See an exhibition

Put down the wrapping paper and stop hunting for the end of the sticky tape. If you’re staying in a serviced apartment in The City of London in the run-up to Christmas, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic location. There are loads of museums and galleries in the vicinity, which are perfect for escaping the Christmas chaos. At the Guildhall Gallery, for example, the current temporary exhibition is Victorians Decoded: Art and Telegraphy, which shows how developments in communication 150 years ago impacted art in the 19th century. Fascinating, free and not very festive! Perfect.


Drink something that hasn’t been mulled

It sounds like sacrilege in December to drink something cold and free of spices, but sometimes there’s only so much mulled wine and hot cider you can drink. Opt for a nice, chilled beer that doesn’t have any reference to Santa, reindeer or mistletoe in the title. Seek out a pina colada or a mojito that flies in the face of traditional Christmas drinking. With so many great cocktail bars scattered across London, you’re sure to find one serving an unadulterated classic filled with exotic fruits and the taste of sunshine.


Go to the cinema

The cinema is a popular choice for a family outing over the festive period, but step away from Almost Christmas, Bad Santa 2 and Office Christmas Party. Instead, opt for one of the other listings, such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, A United Kingdom or Allied. There might be Christmas lights all up and down the street when you step out of the cinema, but for a couple of hours at least you can forget about the sound of sleigh bells and trees in every window.


Buy something for yourself

Christmas is a time for giving, meaning most people neglect themselves during the festive season. Instead of just getting things for the kids and trying to find items for those tricky-to-buy for relatives, treat yourself to something. This shouldn’t be a new dress for the office Christmas party or an extra decoration for the tree. Think of something you really want and give it to yourself, because you deserve it.


Plan ahead

The best way to transport yourself away from the stress of Christmas is to think about what comes afterwards. Plan a nice relaxing break for yourself and your loved ones in the New Year, far away from home. It could be in an exciting city, such as London or in an overseas destination that is full of sunshine and fruity drinks. It will give you something to look forward to and remind you that the festive period will pass and you’ll get through it relatively unscathed.


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