Why London is the best place to be for New Year

Nowhere beats London when it comes to New Year celebrations, so throw out your traditions and start a new one.

After Christmas, New Year’s Eve is the final hurrah of the festive season, but it’s very easy to feel disappointed by your choice of entertainment for the night. After all, everything hinges on where you are at the all-important moment of midnight and most places simply can’t live up to the weight of expectation. One destination that really gets it spot on, however, is London, making it a fab option for seeing in 2017.


So much choice

As a world-class capital city, there’s so much on offer on New Year’s Eve, it’s practically impossible not to find something to suit your taste and the needs of your party. Perhaps you want to dance the night away at an exclusive club with 20 of your friends or maybe a romantic meal for two with stunning views is more your cup of tea. Even an evening of your favourite films, board games and plenty of prosecco in your stylish serviced apartment can be made all the better for being in London.


A break from the ordinary

London has some more unconventional ways to celebrate the New Year, so throw out the traditions and skate in the New Year at the Natural History Museum’s ice rink with a midnight session. Alternatively, see the celebrations from a boat on the Thames with a special river cruise or take in some comedy at the Comedy Café. If you’re bored with what you normally do for New Year, give it a bit of a shake up.


Lighting up the sky

Fireworks are set off from the London eye to see in the New Year, making it a spectacular place to celebrate. The event is ticketed, but the great thing about such displays is that you can see them from miles around. Stake out a spot in advance and look to the skies. As well as the official event, there are bound to be plenty of other fireworks launched, so simply being out and about at midnight will mean there are lots of colourful explosions to see.


The home of Big Ben

Wherever you are in the UK, most people use the dongs from Big Ben to let them know when the year has finally ended and the new one is starting. What could be more iconic than being in the city where the famous bells can be heard live?! Nothing says New Year like its lit up round face with fireworks going off around it.


The morning after the night before

While many people focus on what they will be doing on New Year’s Eve, it’s good to remember that the following day is a bank holiday and a great opportunity to spend more quality time with loved ones. Hang around in the capital and take advantage of some of its wonderful green spaces with a walk in its parks to counteract the indulgences of the night before. Enjoy a warming meal in a traditional pub or sit down as a family for the last time during the festive period before everyone goes their own way. In London, the options are endless. And don’t forget the annual parade, which sees some 8,000 performers take to the streets.

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