Don’t put your mother-in-law on an airbed this Christmas

Not enough beds, sheets or towels for everyone is just one of the setbacks to holding a large family Christmas at home.

Christmas is a time for family, but it can also end up being a bit stressful when it comes to fitting all of your nearest and dearest in your own home. There are numerous benefits to decamping to a serviced apartment for the festive season, not least ensuring that there is enough space for everyone, which helps to cut down on any arguments.

Here are some of the ways that opting for this approach could help you have a very happy Christmas.


Enough beds for everyone

Spending the weeks in the run-up to Christmas trying to work out all the sleeping arrangements can be an absolute nightmare. Not only will the mother-in-law be less than happy on an airbed, but all these makeshift solutions have to be tidied away during the day and set out again at bedtime. Staying in a serviced apartment means that everyone has a comfortable bed to sleep in and will wake well-rested and in good spirits.


A little bit of personal space

Opting for a number of serviced apartments next to each other will give everyone a little bit of extra space, while you’re all together. It’s amazing how having your own front door on the same corridor promotes inter-generational harmony. This is especially good for families with small children, as they can be up early and breakfasting while others get to sleep in a little longer.


A break from the ordinary routine

Whoever is hosting Christmas always gets a bit of a raw deal. While everyone else is having a holiday, the hosts are still at home and can’t get the same physical removal from everyday tasks. They are likely to take the strain of planning beforehand, all the logistics during and ultimately the tidying up afterwards. Book a serviced apartment and everybody will have the same level of responsibility.


No need to tidy the house and cope with all the washing

Getting a family home ready for Christmas visitors can be a lengthy process. As well as sorting out everyone’s presents and making sure they’re wrapped, there’s the cleaning, tidying and putting all the kids’ toys away in hidden places, just to have them all pulled out again. After everyone’s gone, there’s a huge mountain of sheets and towels to be washed. A serviced apartment is a blank canvas, with stunning décor and all the linens a family could need, ready and raring to go.


Places close by to be wined and dined

Many of the frustrations that come to the surface at Christmas have their roots in the all-important dinner. This one meal takes far longer to cook than eat and often becomes the responsibility of a single fairly-stressed person. Pick a property in a fantastic location, such as The City of London, to decamp the whole family to and enjoy your pick of loads of high-class restaurants nearby for your Christmas dinner. No fuss, no stress and no washing up. Perfect!


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