10 things nobody tells you about business travel

Travelling for work sounds like fun, but there are many sides to it that people simply don’t realise until they do it.

Travelling for work may sound like heaven for some, but most people who have done it for a while know that the two elements lead to a complicated relationship. Yes, travelling can be fascinating and exciting, but add the word work to anything and you can generally guarantee that most of the enjoyment is sucked out of it.

This is why it’s important to manage expectations when it comes to starting out on a business travel lifestyle. It’s something of a rollercoaster ride and most people won’t tell you about the realities before it’s begun. Most people apart from us of course!

  1. It’s bad for your health

Business travel often means long hours subjected to unforgiving air circulation systems, close proximity to others and everything except ideal temperature conditions. Add to this the fatigue from so much moving about, inability to eat regular meals and avoidance of the gym and you’ve got the recipe for ill health. Work in some downtime and use the on-site gym at SACO The Cannon to make yourself feel better.


  1. You become a coffee connoisseur

Because you’ve drunk it on trains, planes, in great little coffee shops on London’s backstreets, in your serviced apartment and at dubious looking chains in takeaway cups, just to keep yourself awake from one meeting to the next. You know good coffee!


  1. It’s not all work and no play

While getting work done and meeting clients is the primary objective of a business trip, newbies often forget to take advantage of their location. You cannot be expected to be on duty 24 hours a day, so take the opportunity to stroll by the Thames, enjoy some world-class street food and kick back with a beer in your serviced apartment.


  1. It’s not a holiday

Squeezing in a few perks, such as popping to a museum or gallery on your lunch break, is great, but business trips are not holidays, as most people assume. The reality is that sometimes you have to fly in and straight back out again within a very small timescale. It’s a shame when all you get to see of London is a conference room, but sometimes that’s the case.

  1. You get to stay in some awesome places

On the occasions that you do get an overnight stay, be sure that it’s a good one. Gone are the days when business travellers need to be subject to identical hotel rooms. Well-furnished serviced apartments can make it so much easier to relax after a long day of sealing that deal.

  1. It’s not often glamorous

Many parts of travelling for work aren’t glamorous – standing up on hot and crowded Tube trains, eating soggy sandwiches on the go and desperately trying to get that presentation to work better – so make the most of any opportunities you do get. They do not come around often enough.


  1. You become a nightmare to go on holiday with

Ask the partner of anyone who travels a lot for a living and they will tell you that holidays turn into military operations. Road warriors hate milling around in airports or changing trains to save money, which can turn leisure time into a more stressful situation. There are some perks though, like departure lounge membership.

  1. It can be lonely

Spending evenings alone or visiting famous sites during short periods of downtime can only make business travellers feel the absence of family more. Luckily, these days there’s plenty of technological solutions to bring everyone closer together. Establishing a routine for video calls home will mean that kids can expect to hear from you before bedtime and make you feel a little less far away.

  1. You have to be adaptable

No matter how well-planned your business trip is, there are always occasions when things don’t go according to plan. Whether it’s a delayed train, a cancelled meeting or a forgotten piece of vital kit, people who travel for work become adept at changing their plans on the hoof and making the most of unforeseen situations.

  1. Home becomes a magical place you’re always trying to get back to

When you’ve been a road warrior for a significant amount of time, nowhere compares to home. The most-happening of cities or luxurious first class train rides don’t even come close to the feeling of opening your own front door and sinking into the familiar hollow in the sofa.


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