Why London is the best place to be for New Year


Nowhere beats London when it comes to New Year celebrations, so throw out your traditions and start a new one. After Christmas, New Year’s Eve is the final hurrah of the festive season, but it’s very easy to feel disappointed by your choice of entertainment for the night. After all, everything hinges on where you […]

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Don’t put your mother-in-law on an airbed this Christmas


Not enough beds, sheets or towels for everyone is just one of the setbacks to holding a large family Christmas at home. Christmas is a time for family, but it can also end up being a bit stressful when it comes to fitting all of your nearest and dearest in your own home. There are numerous benefits […]

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10 things nobody tells you about business travel


Travelling for work sounds like fun, but there are many sides to it that people simply don’t realise until they do it. Travelling for work may sound like heaven for some, but most people who have done it for a while know that the two elements lead to a complicated relationship. Yes, travelling can be […]

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An American’s guide to surviving Thanksgiving in London


Thanksgiving in London may be different, but it can still be an occasion. If you’re an American and travelling for work or leisure, there’s one day in the year when it’s particularly difficult to be away from home. You guessed it – it’s Thanksgiving. While any celebration of the great American holiday will not be […]

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Marking World Philosophy Day in London


London has been a hotbed of philosophical debate for many years. There seems to be a day marking just about everything now – Dress Up Your Pet Day anyone? – but there are some days that are really worth taking notice of. And when they have been set up by the United Nations Educational, Scientific […]

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What to book in London for the Christmas period


Book now to avoid missing these exciting Christmas events in the capital. Now that November has arrived, Christmas cannot fail to creep into your mind. Whether you can hardly wait for the festive season to get underway or you’re a little less enthusiastic about it all, one thing’s for sure – now is the time […]

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What to expect from The Lord Mayor’s Show


Not many traditions are still going strong after 801 years, so be sure to get involved in this one. The Lord Mayor’s Show is the highlight of the year in The City of London and with a history dating back to 1215, it is full of tradition. Those staying at serviced apartments on Cannon Street […]

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