5 ways to cosy up in your serviced apartment this autumn

Autumn is the time for hot chocolate, thick jumpers and home comforts, which you may think are hard to come by if you’re staying in London for business. However, there are plenty of things that you can bring home with you to your serviced apartment, allowing you to create a comfortable and cosy place to stay.

As well as making sure your wardrobe is autumn-friendly, there are a lot of little touches you can add to your apartment in order to help you feel nice and warm when the weather outside is frightful. Here are some great ways to transform your serviced apartment into a cosy home throughout your stay:

Add some scented candles

Candles are a great way to create a cosy atmosphere on chilly autumn evenings, with the soft light they produce helping you to unwind. Add a few scented candles to key areas in your room – taking care to ensure they are placed on suitable heat-proof surfaces – and sit back with your feet up.

To fully embrace the season, opt for warming fragrances like spiced apple or orange and cinnamon, which are ideal for taking the chill off any evening. These scents often remind people of home too, so you’ll soon feel perfectly settled.


Wrap up warm

There’s nothing better than getting your PJs on and wrapping up in a blanket on the sofa in an evening, and this is definitely something you can do in your serviced apartment this season. Whether you’re taking it easy after a long day or making the most of a free evening to catch up on work, wrapping up in a blanket or knitted jumper will have you feeling cosy in no time.

Even though our apartments come with all the amenities, including heating so you’re unlikely to get cold, popping a blanket over you while watching TV or doing work always seems to increase the cosy factor exponentially.


Pour some hot chocolate

The pumpkin spice latte may be king on social media during autumn, but we all know that the best drink to enjoy when the weather gets cold is a classic hot chocolate. Even without candles burning and a thick blanket, hot chocolate can help you feel at home and warm you up in moments.

Treat yourself to some cream or marshmallows on top for a truly decadent treat or even add a cheeky tipple for that extra warming factor.

If you’re not a chocolate fan, try heating yourself up a glass of spiced apple juice, or something alcoholic like Hot Toddy or mulled wine. This is definitely going to make you feel cosier than a glass of chardonnay or bottle of beer.


A good long soak

To really help you chase away the chill this autumn and feel completely at home, a hot bath could be just the thing. Run the water as hot as you can stand and just relax after a long day. What could be better than that?

All of our apartments have spacious bathrooms that allow you to really unwind, as well as beautiful products that you can pop in the water in order to make the most of your soak. Finish your bath off with some candles to create a beautiful glow and you’ll soon forget it’s cold and miserable outside.


A hearty meal

We use a lot more energy throughout autumn just to keep ourselves warm throughout the day, so you definitely need to make sure you’re getting some solid meals. SACO’s serviced apartments have everything you need to whip up something delicious, so why not make yourself a hearty stew or meaty pie to help you feel cosy and satisfied?

If cooking isn’t your thing, our apartments are close to some great pubs and restaurants so you’re never too far away from a good meal without all the effort. Of course, if you cook yourself, you can enjoy your meal wrapped in a blanket.


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