London Cocktail Week – What you need to know

There’s no excuse not to get involved in London Cocktail Week, whether you’re in the capital for work or play.

There’s never any excuse needed to have a cocktail, but should such persuasion be required, we’ve got the perfect event lined up. This week (October 3rd to 9th) is London Cocktail Week. Whether you’re staying in a serviced apartment in the capital with friends or family or you’re in The Big Smoke on business, there are plenty of ways to get involved.


What’s it all about?

London has a thriving cocktail scene throughout the year, but for one week in October, it gets bigger and better. More than 200 bars across the capital get involved, offering specially created cocktails for the event and exclusive offers. The festival also hosts a packed schedule of events and there’s a cocktail village set up in Old Spitalfields Market.


How to get involved

All of the fantastic things associated with London Cocktail Week are opened up to visitors who have a festival pass. These can be purchased online or in person, although this sometimes involves a bit of queueing, for the princely sum of £10. Once you’ve got yours, you’ll have full access to all of the benefits and probably spend the whole week with a cocktail in each hand!

What to look out for

Each of the elements of London Cocktail Week may appeal to different people, so find out what will suit you. Either gather your friends together and jump straight in or choose events that could be great opportunities to impress clients.


£5 cocktails

A cocktail for a fiver is almost unheard of in London, but for one week only, there’s more than 200 of them on offer. That’s because each and every bar participating in London Cocktail Week is offering at least one shaken extravaganza for just £5. Pick up a guidebook or visit the website for a full list, but some of the highlights include:

• Last Wish at Bread Street Kitchen

• Dolce Tocco Martinez at 214 Bermondsey

• Wheys A Tun at City Social

• The Monkey Club at Graphic

• Navy Grog at Little Bat

• Émigré at Merchant House of Fleet Street

• Midnight Electric at Nordic Bar

• Sour Records at Old Street Records

• Sesame Rollin’ at Oskar’s Bar at Dabbous

• Bouret Negroni at Riding House Café

Delve deeper into the world of cocktails

While trying lots of tasty concoctions is a great way to enjoy London Cocktail Week, there is so such potential to get more out of it. Have you ever wondered how the main spirits used in cocktails are made? Do you think your mixology skills could be improved? Or do you often wish you knew which cocktail to pair with the dish you’re cooking? All of these questions can be answered through the London Cocktail Week events schedule.


Cocktail Village

If you’ve only got one evening to spend at the festival or don’t want the hassle of getting between bars, but still want the variety, the Cocktail Village is for you. Hosted by Old Spitalfields Market, the space is being taken over by pop-up bars. This means innovative drinks mixed up in converted retro vehicles and quirky stands to create a fantastic atmosphere. Don’t worry, a number of street food vendors will also be interspersed between the bars, so festival pass holders will find there’s no reason to leave.

Among those to look out for are:

• All Aboard with Bombay Sapphire and Cahoots’ Worldly Cocktails – travel the earth through your taste buds

Patron Cocktail Lab Takeover – seven bartenders from the 2016 World’s Best Bars List, making bespoke cocktails for you

Baileys Freakshake Bar with Molly Bakes – for cocktail lovers with a sweet tooth

Scotch Egg Club – just as good as it sounds – whisky cocktails served with scotch eggs

• Tour de Bar Cocktail Tricycle – rum cocktails mixed at a tricycle

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