10 packing techniques business travellers need to know about

Using these packing hacks, business travellers can look and feel ready to get on with the job as soon as they arrive in their destination.

The last thing you want when you are travelling for work is to arrive at your serviced studio apartment in London and find all your shirts are creased. Exploded shampoo is another dreaded situation for seasoned business travellers, as is tangled cables for your tech. Read on to find the techniques that will help you pack like a pro and avoid these worst-case scenarios.

1. Use packing cubes to organise your clothes

Just like you arrange your clothes into different drawers at home, pack them into separate packing cubes in your suitcase. This means you can easily find what you need without causing chaos when you arrive.

2. Put dryer sheets between your clothes

Everyone knows that first impressions are vital in business and strategically-placed dryer sheets in your suitcase will keep your clothes fresh and ready to wear.


3. Use a flattened plastic bag to minimise wrinkles

Flatten out a plastic bag and lay easily wrinkled clothes on top and fold it into the item before packing. This will help to maintain its freshly-ironed look and will be ready to wear upon arrival.

4. Place a rolled-up belt inside your collar

Otherwise perfect shirts can be let down by a drooping collar, so stop it from happening by using the rigidity of your belt to support it in your case.

5. Use clingfilm to prevent spills

If you travel with bottles of shampoo and other liquids, which you may not need, as your serviced apartment will be well-stocked, then go beyond just putting them in a plastic bag. Place clingfilm over the mouth of the bottle and then pop the lid back on, offering extra peace of mind.


6. Put a bulldog clip over your razor

As blades can very easily slip out of the plastic shields that come with razors, put a bulldog clip over it instead. This will stay in place more securely and prevent any cuts or damage to other items.

7. Use a sunglasses case for wound cables

Business travel invariably means lots of tech and they need cables, which can easily become tangled. Keeping them wound up in a sunglasses case when on the move denies them the space to become unravelled.


8. Keep items for the journey separate

It’s often worth getting some work done on the train or while sitting in an airport lounge to get ahead on tasks. This can be a nuisance if everything you need is packed away in your case. Reserve a separate pocket or purchase a pouch that can be easily brought out with everything you need for the journey. Then slip it back into your case when your gate is called.

9. Use buttons to keep earring pairs together

Adding a subtle pair of studs can be the perfect finishing touch to a business outfit, but they often get mixed up or lost when travelling. Poke them through buttons for a handy way to keep them together.

10. Bring a laundry bag

A separate bag to keep your laundry in is easy to forget when all your clothes are pristine in your suitcase. It will help you to keep your serviced apartment tidy and know what needs to be washed for your next business trip.

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