Looking forward to Autumn in The City

Autumn is on its way and with it a number of seasonal activities that will help you embrace this chillier time of year.

While it’s easy to feel sad about the passing of summer, it’s worth remembering there are plenty of positive things that autumn brings with it. Instead of mourning the loss of the sunnier months, embrace a colder, fresher time and bask in the activities that simply aren’t the same in July and August. If you happen to be booked in for a short stay serviced apartment trip in London over the coming months, here are some of the autumnal things you can do without even leaving The City.

Invest in a warm coat from a heritage brand

First things first. The colder months can be miserable if you’re not properly prepared, so make sure you look the part and feel very snug in a good overcoat. Hawes & Curtis have been supplying stylish clothes to the people of London since 1913 and even have a shop conveniently located on Cannon Street.


Conker collecting, leaf crunching and puddle splashing

Once you are properly decked out, make your way to the Thames Path, where you will be able to see all the beautiful autumn colours against a stunning backdrop. Once you get level with London Bridge on The City side, you should also be able to spot some conkers on the horse chestnut trees. The beautiful mahogany colour of the nut when you open the prickly shell is autumn’s most prized treasure. Add a bit of leaf crunching and jumping into puddles and you’ll feel like a kid again.


Pie and mash

Among the best things about spending time outdoors during autumn is then warming yourself up again. There are plenty of ways to do this, but a hefty portion of pie and mash is certainly a frontrunner. Head to Pieminster on Leather Lane for a selection of 16 pies to choose from, not to mention lashings of gravy and mash. If that doesn’t warm your cockles, nothing will.


Hearty soup

Soup is another wonderful autumnal perk, but while we all have memories of cream of tomato from being a kid, it can be a lot more exciting than that. At Nusa on Cannon Street there are concoctions including Bombay potato and pea; Mexican black bean and Thai style fish tom yam. If you have a recipe that says autumn has arrived for you, then pick up the fresh ingredients and whip it up in your serviced apartment kitchen.

Hot chocolate

Nothing says autumn like a delicious hot chocolate, so head to Dark Sugars on Brick Lane for a truly delicious mugful, topped off with chocolate shavings. If you wish to spice it up a little, then there are cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and chilli options also available. Alternatively, pick up a tin of traditional hot chocolate from Charbonnel et Walker as you come out of Liverpool Street Station and relax with a cup once you get back to your apartment.


Seasonal cocktails

For something a little stronger, take advantage of some of the seasonal cocktails thought up by mixologists across the city. They make the most of the best late ingredients and distil the essence of autumn into a single glass. Try the Rumpumkingston at the Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar. Its combination of rums, apricot brandy, orange and lemon juices and pumpkin puree is especially warming.

Hot bath

And after a long day of enjoying autumn in The City, nothing compares to relaxing in a nice hot bath. SACO’s serviced apartments have spacious bathrooms and plenty of luxury products to add in and push any residual ill-feeling towards autumn away.

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