5 office lunches you can make in your serviced apartment kitchen

Get creative in your serviced apartment kitchen and reap the benefits at lunchtime.

Many office workers have a good routine when they’re at home, making lunches for the week or following day. Not only does this lead to healthier meals in many cases, but works out a lot cheaper than buying lunch every single day. This does not necessarily have to go out the window when you’re travelling for business.

One of the major advantages of staying in a serviced apartment, as opposed to a hotel, is that you have a kitchen at your disposal. As well as whipping yourself up a breakfast or evening meal, you can also prepare lunches to take into the office. Your kitchen will be pretty well equipped with pots, pans and utensils. All you need is a spot of inspiration.

Fresh and tasty salad

Salads are probably one of the easiest meals to enjoy for an office lunch, as they don’t require cooking or heating up when you get to work. The common misconception is that they’re boring, but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re going to be based in your serviced apartment for a while, stock up on a few essentials to add a little excitement to your salads.

These could include jars of sun-dried tomatoes, beetroot and pre-prepared roasted peppers, as well as sunflower seeds or pine nuts. Make a delicious dressing with wholegrain mustard, balsamic vinegar and rapeseed oil to finish it off.


Jam-packed interesting wraps

Sandwiches can get a bit boring pretty quickly, so opt for soft wraps instead. Make them even healthier by choosing wholegrain wraps and filling them with your favourite protein, be it cooked chicken or a nicely seasoned piece of salmon, as well as some green leaves, avocado and sour cream or tzatziki dip.

An alternative for wraps if you don’t eat meat and fish is to make your own falafels and load them with tasty hummus. Try and fit as much in while still managing to close them up and make the whole office jealous with your tasty homemade (or shall we say serviced apartment-made) creation.

Satisfying pasta

There are so many things to do with pasta, it’s something of a wonder ingredient for lunch boxes. Keep it simple with pesto, grilled asparagus, pine nuts and a few shavings of parmesan cheese or pep your pasta with sundried tomatoes, baby mozzarella balls, fresh basil and olive oil. These fabulous concoctions don’t need heating up, so you can sate your appetite as soon as hunger strikes at work.

It may take a little longer to cook, but it’s worth opting for wholemeal pasta, as the energy is released for slowly, keeping you going all afternoon. It’s also packed with nutrients, so you can feel even more virtuous about bringing in your own lunch.


Wholesome soup

Soups are a great lunch staple and can be made with whatever takes your fancy or the ingredients you simply have to hand. If you’re staying in London over the weekend and are at something of a loose end, why not head to one of the capital’s fantastic markets and see what fresh produce can go into your soup for the week. Borough Market is especially good for this and is just over the river from The City.

Smooth soups can be achieved with a blender, but you can always go for a slightly thick and chunky alternative by squashing some of the ingredients down with a potato masher. Portion the finished soup in sealed containers or bags and freeze some of them ready for use later on in your stay.

Juicy Frittata

For something a bit different, cook up a frittata. A bit like a crustless quiche, its simplicity and lack of need for pastry, make it perfect for a delicious lunch without too much hassle. What you add to the egg mixture is entirely down to you, but different types of cheese, crunchy vegetables or even bacon or ham work really well.

To mix it up during the week, as you won’t want to eat a whole frittata in one go, choose a selection of accompaniments. One day you could have it portion with salad, while on the next you could put it in a nice crunchy baguette for the ultimate sandwich.


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