Spinning in The City

There are plenty of places in The City to get spinning, depending on what you want from the experience.

Spinning is a great way to get fit while travelling to London, whether it be for work or pleasure. No, we’re not talking about twirling yourself round in circles until you’re dizzy and ready to fall over; spinning is the new exercise trend that is sweeping the world. From David Beckham to Katie Holmes, it’s a favourite of many celebs, but you don’t have to be big in Hollywood to enjoy it.

There are plenty of spinning classes available in The City of London, meaning you can fit some indoor cycling into your serviced apartment stay easily. Here’s a round-up of some of the best ones to try.


Pure Ride

This is the place for the ultimate spinning challenge. The Performance class at Pure Ride was conceived with the help of Olympian Chris Hoy, meaning it will push you to your limits. Luckily, there are two other options for those just starting out or not wanting to feel the burn quite so strongly. Dance is certainly a lot more fun and allows a more light-hearted approach to getting fit. Meanwhile, Colour features lights on the bike to enhance the spinning experience.

Pure Ride is located on Moor Place and classes start at £20.


For those who really want to feel cool while getting fit, there’s nowhere better than 1Rebel. Think exposed bricks and pipes, as well as neon signs in this post-industrial spinning space. The majority of the classes are 45 minutes long and are governed by a musical theme – ranging from 90s club classics to old school garage. Special live spinning events, including musicians and MCs, are also staged for the most funworkout you’ve ever had.

Find 1Rebel at 63 St Mary Axe, near Liverpool Street Station. Classes cost £20.


Offering a range of classes, including some that last just 35 minutes, Cyclebeat makes it impossible to come up with excuses, such as not having enough time. It’s located right in the heart of The City, so is really handy and allows those in town for meetings to slip in an intense work out between appointments. Classes also feature a Beatboard, which measures your performance, tells you how you’re doing and the number of calories you’ve burnt.

Cyclebeat is in Lombard Court near Bank Station. Single classes are priced at £16, but there are a number of passes and offers available, including an introductory deal of ten days for £20.



Anyone keen to get their spinning in before work or after office hours should consider Boomcycle. It runs classes from 7.30am to 7.15pm, with each one lasting 45 minutes. The aim of the classes is to pedal exactly in time with the beat and the playlists are specially created with this in mind. Lights are switched off and scented candles add a real sense of atmosphere. The changing space also has a beauty bar to make you office-ready as soon as you’ve finished.

Get on your bike at Boomcyle on Scrutton Street, near Old Street Station. One ride costs £16, but there’s an introductory offer of three rides for £25.


Want to imagine you’re riding through the countryside without even leaving London? No problem. At Cycle in Nuffield Gym, you’ll see a number of scenic vistas projected onto a big screen as you spin, allowing you to be transported to forests or mountains and far away from The City. There’s also music playing to add to the atmosphere.

Nuffield Gym is located just two minutes’ walk from Cannon Street Station, making handy for anyone staying at Saco – The Cannon. Various memberships deals are available.

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