Why bleisure travel is good for business

Bleisure travel is not just good for employees, but the company they work for too.

Bleisure is one of those buzz words that you may have heard bandied around of late, but it’s one that companies should not ignore. The concept of combining a business trip with some leisure time is not necessarily a new one, but has the potential to offer benefits for the firm, as well as the member of staff involved.

With this in mind, it’s worth encouraging employees not to pack up their serviced apartment in east London or elsewhere as soon as they’ve completed their meetings. Staying for an extra couple of days and perhaps inviting the family to join them is a win-win situation for everyone. Here’s why:

Happier employees

Let’s face it, while travelling for work sounds appealing to many, the realities often fall short of the expectation. Even visits to incredible destinations, such as London, can be disappointing, because all of the wonderful things to do are missed and the delegate only gets to see the inside of multiple boardrooms.

Switch this up and offer the option to extend their stay and experience all the things they would otherwise miss. This means they are less likely to resent the time spent travelling, as it will contribute towards a holiday, as well as the important work tasks they’ve completed.


Healthier staff

The lifestyle of a business traveller can really take its toll, often spending short amounts of time in one place and clocking up many hours on trains or planes. By staying a little bit longer, they can relax and unwind, thus cutting down on the stress. It can also lead to a better diet and healthier activities – taking a stroll or a jog by the Thames for example, as opposed to getting home late and grabbing something to eat on the go.

Better business relationships

Staff who jet in and out straight away for business meetings do not have the opportunity to develop relationships with clients or contacts in the same way as those who stay longer. Extending stays often means the chance to accept dinner invitations or an offer of drinks. This does not need to cut into the leisure time necessarily, but may be the result of a less hectic schedule.


Inside knowledge

Knowing more about the landscape in which a client does business helps to do deals. It means that the delegate can understand sensitive decisions better or even just have a good starting point in terms of making interesting conversation in the next meeting. This shouldn’t be underestimated in business.


Attract new talent

People tend to be vocal about the good and bad things about their jobs and these comments can often be heard by others in the industry. When it comes to the top talent looking for a new place to work, they are likely to take added benefits into consideration, as well as just salary. If they’ve heard that a company allows staff to be flexible and turn what could be a negative aspect of a job into a positive one, then they’re more likely to want to join the firm. This is a key benefit of bleisure travel for businesses.

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