The ultimate business traveller’s checklist

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your serviced apartment in east London or anywhere else in the capital and discovering you’ve forgotten something important. Actually, there is! It could be as you ferret around in your bag at the start of a meeting and realise that vital piece of kit is missing or your laptop won’t load the presentation. Avoid any and all of these situations by using this guide as a checklist before each and every business trip.

Personal items

While it may be obvious to point out that you need to bring clothes with you and that your serviced apartment is well equipped with many toiletries, there’s other items that you may forget. These include:

• Prescription medication
• Toothbrush, razor and deodorant
• Plasters and first aid kit
• Work-out clothes
• A pocket mirror – for a final check there’s no spinach in your teeth before a meeting
• Styling products and make-up

For advice on how to pack the perfect wardrobe, click here


In this modern day and age, we rely on technology a huge amount. This can present several issues when travelling for work. The first is bringing as much capability with you without having to carry large, cumbersome items. The second is finding that your tech lets you down. Be prepared, yet pared down with these essentials.

• Laptop or tablet
• Smartphone
• External battery
• USB stick or some form of back-up for presentations or documents
• Chargers
• International adapter

To take a closer look at the sort of technology you should have in your toolkit, check out this post 

saco pindrop business travel london

Docs and directions

Paperwork is one of the most important things to make sure is organised in advance. It can be in relation to your travel arrangements or the job you need to do when you’ve arrived. Get everything together and store it in a travel wallet or organiser.

• Meeting agendas
• Background reading on the companies/clients you will be visiting
• Small plastic bag or envelope to keep receipts in for expenses
• Map of the area or Citymapper app added to your phone
• Directions to your serviced apartment
• Oyster card or transport pass and tickets
• Passport and visa for the country you’re visiting, if applicable
• Business cards
• Airline loyalty card
• Driving license
• Vaccination certificates
• Business travel insurance
• Money or company credit card

The little extras

There are some things that you might not always need, but should pack anyway, as when you do, they’ll make life so much easier.

• Comfortable bag or suitcase with wheels
• Umbrella
• Sunglasses and sunscreen
• Notepad and pen
• Snacks and water for unexpected delays
• Breath mints

saco pindrop london business travel

To find out what you don’t need to pack for your serviced apartment stay, click here

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