How to pack the perfect capsule wardrobe for a business trip

Capsule wardrobes and business travellers were basically made for each other.

Not having the entirety of your wardrobe at your disposal can make dressing for different occasions on a business trip difficult. You want to look professional, but are living out of a suitcase and may find that unexpected invitations to evening events could completely throw you off what you had planned to wear.

Instead of trying to bring as many clothes as possible to your serviced apartment in north London, you are better off being smart about it. This means creating a capsule wardrobe that can be adapted to suit any occasion that is thrown at you.

The principles of a capsule wardrobe
To create your capsule wardrobe, you need to invest in a few key pieces that all work together. This doesn’t mean every item should be the same colour, but they must complement each other and not contain patterns that will jar when paired up. The idea is that you can mix and match them to create different outfits, as well as changing the look solely by adding one accessory.

Colour schemes to consider
Think carefully when choosing a colour scheme for your capsule wardrobe, as it should suit your personality, as well as your needs. There’s a good chance that you won’t get it spot on with every single item first time, but you can bring in new pieces and retire others throughout your business travel career.
Popular choices for capsule wardrobes that work really well include:
· Naturals, such as chocolate, deep green and grey
· Neutrals, like taupe, stone and beige
· Berries, with maroon, orange and gold as examples

travel suitcase

A capsule wardrobe for business travel
If you travel a lot for work then investing in a capsule wardrobe is a great idea, as you’ll find you re-use the garments again and again. Start off with seven key pieces. These can include trousers and skirts, shirts or blouses, jackets and sweaters or cardigans. They will form the basis of your outfits and can be dressed up or down according to the circumstances.

Accessories are your friend
When it comes to making your capsule wardrobe work for you, accessories are key. Your colleagues or clients won’t notice that you are essentially wearing the same outfit, but have swapped the shirt or cardigan or added a different item to change the look altogether.

· Swap flats for heels to take your outfit from day to evening
· Add a statement necklace to overhaul your workday clothes
· Wear a scarf to change the focus of your outfit
· Tying your hair up can change your mood and your look, so keep an elegant clip to hand
· Exchange soft daytime lipstick for a bolder shade when it comes to the evening

Woman travel wardrobe

· A tie can be the difference between a work meeting and a friendly chat, so know when to take yours off
· Wearing a belt can give a focus to an outfit and the impression that you’re not in the same suit as the day before
· Just as women accessorize with jewellery, men can opt for a variation on their cufflinks to add interest and even humour if the situation warrants it.

man travel wardrobe

Deciding what to wear
When you arrive at your serviced apartment, unpack all your clothes and hang them up on individual hangers. Make sure they are always ready to wear, especially if you have just taken them off, as unexpected situations are made worse when an item has been left creased up on the floor.
The day before your meeting, try laying out various items alongside each other on an imaginary person. This will help you to decide which items work well together and would suit the circumstances of your meeting. That way you’ll be ready with your perfect outfit the next morning.

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