5 reasons Aldgate should be on your radar

Aldgate bus

Aldgate is a fantastic place to be located in The City of London. Every now and then there’s a part of London that suddenly becomes “the” place and everyone wishes that they had known it while it was still finding its feet. Well, now is your chance with Aldgate, a fantastic part of the capital […]

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The Business Travel Quiz

business travel quiz

Travelling for work sounds like the dream, but there’s a lot of organisation and schedules involved. Becoming a proficient business traveller can be achieved in many different ways, so which category do you fall into? Take our quiz to find out by clicking here and receive 15% off when you book your next business trip with […]

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Only in London – Weird things to do in the capital

Weird London Things to do

Make your time in London particularly memorable with one of these activities or events. When it comes to crazy things, London has its fair share of contenders. Where else in the world can you slurp down a cocktail in a public loo or enjoy a meal in prison without committing a crime? So, if at […]

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How to pack the perfect capsule wardrobe for a business trip

Business Travel Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes and business travellers were basically made for each other. Not having the entirety of your wardrobe at your disposal can make dressing for different occasions on a business trip difficult. You want to look professional, but are living out of a suitcase and may find that unexpected invitations to evening events could completely […]

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Who are Gog and Magog?

Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog are the traditional guardians of The City of London and appear every year in the Lord Mayor’s Show As you wander around The City and enjoy your stay at one of the serviced apartments to rent in London you may not be particularly preoccupied by Gog and Magog. These two giants are […]

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Origins of The City’s street names

Cannon Street

The City of London’s street names come from Middle English and medieval words and have evolved over time. There are lots of fascinating things about The City of London, not least its street names. It’s often cited that there are no roads within this part of the capital, as the terminology didn’t come into modern […]

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