London eats bucket list

London best eats

A list of all the best things to eat while staying in a London serviced apartment, even if only for a short time. While British food traditionally gets a bad rep, it’s safe to say that times are changing in this regard. Not only are some favourite dishes that grace tables in households up and […]

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Top ten mistakes business travellers make

top ten mistakes business travellers make

Travelling for work may sound relatively straight forward, but for those who are new to the game there are some easy traps to fall into. Whether it’s working too much, not packing the right items or staying in the wrong place, these rookie mistakes can leave you feeling tired, unprepared or even unable to do […]

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Spot the references to St George in London

st georges day

The patron saint of England is celebrated on St George’s Day (April 23rd) every year, but there are references to him to be found around London any time you like. From street names to his flag featuring on The City of London’s official crest, it’s almost impossible to escape this patriotic hero. If you’re staying […]

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Top 10 quotes about London and what they really mean

london pindrop saco london serviced apartments

Much has been said about the great city of London by both those who have lived there and others who have simply visited. Contemplate what some of these most famous quotes really mean as you enjoy your stay at one of central London’s serviced apartments. It’s amazing how such a place can be summed up […]

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Guide to April in The City

guildhall heritage gallery pinbdrop

Whether you are in The City for a short time or have booked a long-term serviced apartment arrangement in London, there is plenty to do in the vicinity throughout April. Now that spring is sprung, it’s even nicer to spend time outdoors in the oldest part of the city. Enjoy some of the events happening […]

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