Getting the work-life balance right on a business trip

If there is one trap that more new business travellers fall into than any other, it is working too much. That’s right, it’s so easy not to clock off when you’re on a business trip, as the usual routine is disrupted and you end up giving much more of your time than is necessary or fair. Here is our guide to avoiding such a situation while staying at one of our serviced apartments in London.

Manage the guilt

When you look at it logically it’s easy to understand that if you were at home you wouldn’t be working every second of your waking life, so there’s no need to when travelling for business. Yes, the company will be footing the bill, but this does not mean you should be working unreasonable hours. Remember this during your stay.

Create a new routine

The nature of the tasks you are performing on your work trip may mean you visit clients in the evenings or go to industry events. If they disrupt the usual 9am to 5pm working day you are used to, make sure you still have downtime for yourself. This could mean taking a two or three-hour lunch break, as there’s not much to be done at that time of the day.

Compartmentalise your life

Most people’s daily lives are dictated by the physical spaces that they find themselves in. We know that if we’re in the bedroom it’s time to sleep; in the office, we should be getting on with work; and in the living room, relaxing with our loved ones. In a hotel, all these areas can become confused and work is often carried out in a room designed for sleeping, making it hard to switch off.

Take advantage of the fact that you are staying in a serviced apartment in London and maintain the physical boundaries that help to regulate your life. The bedroom is still for sleeping and all that space means you can work at a proper table and sit down on the sofa to tell your body it’s time to relax.

Do an activity away from your phone

Step away from the electronic devices and do something outside of the apartment. Exercise is a very good option for taking your mind off your work duties and doing an activity that is entirely for you and not your boss. Whether this means going for a run along the Thames or participating in one of The City’s many yoga classes, there are plenty of options. Just promise to leave your phone behind.

Take advantage of where you are

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, so it would be a shame not to see any of it during your stay. Despite being in the capital primarily for work, put aside a few hours to visit one or two of its most famous landmarks, go full-on tourist and hop aboard a sightseeing bus or book to see a show in the West End. Any one of these activities will mean you don’t feel that all you saw of London was the inside of meeting rooms and your apartment.

Get home at a reasonable time

Your business travel lifestyle can affect more than just you, with partners and children often feeling they miss out on quality time with you. A few small changes can often make a big difference to this, such as opting for an earlier flight or train home, giving you the opportunity to read a bedtime story or eat a late dinner together. Weigh up how much will be actually gained from staying in London longer with the smiles you’ll receive from coming home just an hour or two earlier.



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