Top 5 apps for business travellers in The City

Loading your phone with helpful apps is a great way to prepare for a business trip. Not only will it mean they are ready and raring to go when you’re looking to navigate your way around The City, it can also mean you have dinner recommendations and up-to-the-minute information whenever you need it.

Citymapper London app

One of the biggest challenges for people visiting London who don’t know it well, is navigating their way around. The capital has a wide variety of transport options and sometimes it’s even possible to get to places on foot, as they’re closer than you think. Citymapper helps you evaluate all of these choices and decide upon the best one for you. It presents multiple routes for buses, the Tube, overground rail services, walking, cycling and taxis, as well as the time each option would take. It even offers rain safe options, tells you when to get off the bus and will inform you of any disruptions that may affect your journey.


Santander Cycles app

Jumping on a Boris bike is another great way to get around The City and it couldn’t be easier with this app. First of all, you’ll need to know where you can pick up your bike, which means locating a docking station with cycles available. The app will help with this, as well as showing where there are empty bays for returning your bike once you’ve used it to complete your journey. You can also use the app to pay for your ride by registering your card and getting a bike release code by hitting the ‘Hire now’ button – simple!

London Official City Guide app

From offline maps and restaurant recommendations to weather predictions, the London Official City Guide puts loads of useful information about your time in The City at your fingertips. It can give you itinerary ideas based on your location, and offer up reviews from popular user-based sites to help you decide how to spend your precious free time; for example, where to eat with clients or even grab a bite on your own. Should you have an emergency and need a pharmacy or bureau de change, this app will guide you to the nearest one.

Great Little Place app

Want something a bit out of the ordinary or to find a real hidden gem? Then you need a local to show you around! With the Great Little Place app, you’ll feel like you have one in your pocket. It allows you to avoid the obvious and touristy places in favour of those oozing charm, and will introduce you to the quirky side of The City that many never get to experience. The suggestions are added by real people who know London like the back of their hand, and once you’ve been initiated, you can add in places of your own for others to discover too.

great little place app

London’s Best Coffee app

Coffee is an important part of any business traveller’s day and being in a new place can mean not managing to find the good stuff. That’s where the London’s Best Coffee app comes in; it allows you to avoid the big chains and seek out the independent cafes and artisan roasteries that produce the best coffee. The five-star rating system makes it easy to differentiate between establishments, and news of special offers means you can make your pounds go further without compromising on taste. There’s even information about the machines used in each place – which may be going a little far – but if you’re really into your coffee it will mean something to you!

These five apps are a great place to start for your trip to The City, but later this year we expect another must-have to be added to your smartphone. The SACO app is in development, so watch this space…

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