How to get a good night’s sleep when travelling for work

Travelling for business is a lifestyle that many people covet, but in reality can take its toll. It’s therefore really important to ensure that seemingly small elements of wellbeing are taken care of. Among the most vital is a good night’s sleep, but being in a different bed and worrying about arrangements or meetings can hinder this and leave you feeling groggy and unable to perform at your best.

Take heed of a few of these tips and you may just find you get a much better night’s rest.

Sleep away from where you work

Modern life is made up of so many elements that it’s easy for them to become blurred, making it hard to focus on one thing at a time. Improve your ability to switch off from your work by completing tasks in a different place to where you sleep. Serviced apartments are much better for this than hotels, as you have several rooms at your disposal and can shut the door on your meeting notes or presentation slides when it’s time to let your mind and body relax and fall asleep.

saco pindrop serviced apartment bed

Turn off your devices

Just because you are travelling for work does not mean you are on call the entire time. Turn off electronic devices and where possible leave them in another room, so their beeps and notifications don’t disturb your all-important rest. Try to do this an hour or so before you retire, as this will allow your body some relaxation time to leave the tasks of the day behind.

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Tire your body out

Your mind may have had an extensive workout from your packed day in The City, but what about the rest of your body? Go for a walk, jog or swim to clear away the stuffiness of having been stuck in meetings and prepare your body for the rest it needs. This will make you sleep better and feel more sprightly the following day.

Enjoy a soothing hot drink

Cocoa, Horlicks and Ovaltine are all popular hot drink choices to help people relax before they go to bed. Be sure to avoid the likes of coffee and tea with their high caffeine content and opt for one of these or a herbal tea, which you can easily whip up in the kitchen of your serviced apartment. The ritual of making these drinks and taking a few minutes to consume them can help to prepare yourself for sleep.

saco pindrop hot drink

Pack some essentials

Even quiet places can be subject to noises you’re not used to at home, so packing some earplugs will help to ensure you’re not disturbed by any unfamiliar sounds. Similarly, an eye mask can be the difference between being well-rested or wide awake all night, so should always be packed when travelling for work.

Adjust the thermostat

The chances that the temperature in the room is exactly what you’re used to at home when trying to sleep is very slim, so adjust it earlier in the day and see how it feels. Then change it again if it still isn’t quite right. It’s amazing how a few degrees either way can lead to a restless night’s sleep unnecessarily.

Maintain your usual routine

It’s not always possible to keep your routine exactly as it would be at home, but try to maintain as many elements of it as possible. This means going to bed and rising at similar times, sleeping on the same side you usually would and wearing pyjamas if you would at home. One or two of these things will help your mind to feel normal and ready to rest.

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