Why a serviced apartment is better than being at home

Serviced apartments are gaining in popularity and it has often been said that they are homelier than being in a hotel. While this is a fair comment, we actually think that staying in such a place is way better than being at home, while managing not to be as stuffy as hotels.

After all, at home the housekeeping isn’t done for you and you’re less likely to have such up-to-date mod cons to make your stay hassle-free. Add to that the little extras like those miniature bottles of high-end cosmetics in the bathroom and it’s probably how you wish your house could be, but in reality isn’t.


Let’s be honest, the main reason you’re staying in a serviced apartment in the first place is probably down to its location. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, you want to be right in the heart of the action. In The City, this is likely to be close to where your clients do business, with great transport links to the rest of London.

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Mod cons

Has your house got underfloor heating, a monsoon shower and blinds that open at the flick of a switch? Lucky you if you have, but such features remind you that you are staying away from home at a place that has been designed to be user-friendly and allow you to experience that little bit of luxury.

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Stocked cupboards

There’s nothing quite like having breakfast made for you and unless it’s Mother’s Day, no matter how much you drop hints, the chances of it happening at home are probably pretty slim. Wake up on the first morning of your serviced apartment stay and you’ll find everything from tea and coffee to cereal and fresh goodies from the bakery waiting for you – bliss!

Space to work, sleep and entertain

We all have to make the most of what we’ve got and that often means fitting our lives into the available space at home. Working at the kitchen table with the kids’ toys rolling around by your feet is a reality for many, or spreading papers out over boxes that never quite got unpacked last time you moved. Serviced apartments have been designed with plenty of space to work and relax away from the sleeping area. Sit back and enjoy a lack of clutter.


saco apartments pindrop

No disruptions

The chances are you’re going to need to get some work done during your stay if you’re travelling for business. Most of us have all manner of things at home that have the potential to distract us, whether it is children, a knock at the door, a sales call on the landline or a household chore that can act as a handy form of procrastination – all of those things are nowhere to be seen in your serviced apartment.


We’ve all been there, hastily stuffing half-read magazines into boxes and trying to arrange the furniture to hide a mark on the carpet before a colleague or your boss comes over for dinner. Your serviced apartment is always ready for you to hold meetings or welcome professional contacts without the detritus associated with everyday life.

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