How best to save battery life on a business trip

We’ve all been there – travelling for work and finding the batteries in our phones just aren’t as prepared for the gruelling schedule as we are. It’s a nightmare, as business trips are when phones are at their most useful, but the fact they are all singing and dancing means they often let us down. Here are some top tips to preserve battery for when you need it most.

Switch off the features you’re not using

Yes, you need your phone to be on to receive calls and messages, but turn off anything you’re not using at any particular time. This can be achieved through the menu and will save you lots of battery power. Simply switch them back on when you need them. Features to consider turning off include Wi-Fi, Blutooth and GPS, as well as background apps you may not have even been aware of.

Reduce the brightness of the screen

Another clever trick is to turn down the brightness of your screen just a touch. This will be almost imperceptible and allow you to use your phone for all the usual functions, but will help to conserve that all-important battery power.

Use lock screen notifications

These notifications allow you to see what messages have come through without turning on your entire screen. This is particularly useful, as many of the reminders we get don’t need to be followed up on immediately and you’ve enabled your entire screen for no reason.

Ditch the vibrations

Your phone uses more power to vibrate than it does to simply ring, so turn off the vibrations and keep yourself aware to listen out for your ringtone. You don’t actually need it to do both things the majority of the time. Only switch to vibrate when it’s on silent.

Invest in a back-up battery

These handy devices come in varying sizes, from ones that are almost the same size as a lipstick and recharge your phone once to others that can hold five or six charges worth. Be sure to have it fully loaded before you head out for the day. One of the main benefits of a back-up battery is that you don’t have to stay in one place while your phone is charging – perfect.

Purchase an alternative charger

Want to charge your phone in a café or some office space, but also have your laptop plugged in to get some work done? Prevent yourself from becoming a socket hog with a charger that runs off your laptop. This means you’re only using one socket. This is useful on trains too, as that electrical point is really handy, but in this day and age we all have multiple devices to charge.


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