Top 5 apps for business travellers in The City

Loading your phone with helpful apps is a great way to prepare for a business trip. Not only will it mean they are ready and raring to go when you’re looking to navigate your way around The City, it can also mean you have dinner recommendations and up-to-the-minute information whenever you need it. Citymapper London […]

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Top 5 spots to entertain clients in The City

bread st kitchen

There are loads of great places to eat in The City of London and depending on your needs, you’ll always find something to suit you. When it comes to wining and dining clients, however, it’s important to get the balance right. You want to impress them, as well as putting them at ease and ensure […]

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How to get a good night’s sleep when travelling for work

How to get a good night’s sleep when travelling for work

Travelling for business is a lifestyle that many people covet, but in reality can take its toll. It’s therefore really important to ensure that seemingly small elements of wellbeing are taken care of. Among the most vital is a good night’s sleep, but being in a different bed and worrying about arrangements or meetings can […]

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5 things you didn’t know about The City

The City is the oldest part of London and therefore holds many secrets. It’s fascinating to delve into its history and learn more about the place where thousands of people come to work every day. Even familiar landmarks have more to them than meets the eye and there’s always something new to learn about the […]

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Why a serviced apartment is better than being at home

saco apartments pindrop

Serviced apartments are gaining in popularity and it has often been said that they are homelier than being in a hotel. While this is a fair comment, we actually think that staying in such a place is way better than being at home, while managing not to be as stuffy as hotels. After all, at […]

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Top healthy eats in The City of London

As it’s January, there is a certain amount of focus on trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. This means when travelling, for work or pleasure, as well as in our usual routines. It is such breaks from the norm that can see the best of intentions slip by the wayside, but grabbing a […]

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