How to get all your Christmas shopping done in one go in London

Christmas is now just a matter of days away. In fact, it’s probably more appropriate to count down in hours at this point. But what about those who haven’t done their festive shopping yet? You may have left it to the last minute for all manner of reasons, but you’re going to need a plan to get it all done in one go in the capital. Luckily, help is at hand. Follow these steps and get everything you need in just one trip.

Write a list

You may not have been organised up to this point, but now is the time to step it up a gear. Write a list of everyone you need to buy for and an idea next to each of their names. Don’t get your heart set on anything specific, however, as at this late stage you may need to compromise. Having ideas before you set off will help make it easier in the long-run.

Go to one shop

It may sound crazy to do all your Christmas shopping in one place, but if you find the right shop you can be onto a winner. A department store like Selfridges, Harrods or Liberty of London can work pretty well, as you can buy for all the people in your life in their various sections. This is a highly efficient approach, as you won’t spend time trawling between shops on the busy streets of London. Just expect one big bill when you go to pay for everything!

Be decisive

It is the umming and ahhing that can take up so much time during a shopping trip. If you see a potential present, set out the criteria in your head to judge it by. Is it something the recipient will like? Are they likely to have it already or being getting it from someone else? Is it within your specific budget? Is it as good or better than the idea you wrote down for this loved one on your list? Make a decision and move on.

Think outside the box

Don’t assume you’re going to be able to get that must-have Christmas toy just hours before the big day. Instead, buy quirky gifts that are influenced by the items you see for sale. Food gifts always go down well and thoughtful things that show how much you know a person can be much better than the trendy present everyone will be getting. It could be sweets they will remember from their childhood or a nice frame to picture you already have of the two of you together in.

Take your own bags

This is not just because of the plastic bag tax, but also practicalities. Equip yourself with a few of those large, reusable shopping bags to pack everything into. They tend to be sturdier than the standard plastic bag and much larger, so you’ll avoid any mishaps on the way home with your large bundles of purchases.

Don’t be distracted by the sparkling lights

The likes of Oxford Street and Regent Street look stunning at this time of year all bedecked for Christmas, but the sparkling lights are for those who have already got most of their shopping done. The last-minute purchasers must stay focused and look forward to the Christmas cheer once they have completed their task – harsh but true.

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