What (not) to pack for your serviced apartment stay

If you are a pro traveller, then you have probably got the act of packing down to a fine art. But if you’ve never stayed in a serviced apartment before you may want to tweak your formula. That’s because serviced apartments aren’t like hotels, hostels or many other forms of accommodation. They are designed to cater to more of your needs, which means packing less and having to carry fewer items with you, which should be music to your ears.


You don’t need to bring 72 pairs of pants with you when staying at a serviced apartment, because there will be a washer and dryer in your kitchen. This means you can get your laundry done quickly and conveniently. Want to wear the same outfit the next day? Put it on to wash when you get in in the evening without having to wait for the following morning’s laundry service.

Plan your wardrobe carefully, just as you would on any business trip, with plenty of items that can be mixed and matched to make new outfits or be adapted to go from daytime to evening wear. With the ability to wash things yourself, you can be economical with space and still look the part at any meeting.


Don’t forget your toothbrush, but save space and prevent spillages by leaving the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel at home. Your apartment will be equipped with some lovely examples of these, which will feel like an extra treat when completing your morning routine.

SACO Apartments | What (not) to pack | Serviced Apartments
SACO Apartments | What (not) to pack | Serviced Apartments


Most business travellers are used to carrying a wide variety of gadgets with them on the road, not just to do their jobs, but also to keep them entertained. Serviced apartments have TVs and DVD players, as well as a vast selection of films to choose from, a music system and telephone line.

You don’t even need to pack your travel hair dryer, as your apartment will be equipped with these too. Full size ones are also so much more user-friendly than the miniature versions that often get dragged around the country by business travellers.

One of the most important things for those keen to get tasks done throughout their stay is the Wi-Fi. This is free and plentiful, so don’t worry about packing dongles or extra internet capacity, as it’s all covered.

Don’t forget to pack all the gadgets you need for that important presentation or to keep up-to-date with the office and your clients. With plenty of sockets located throughout the apartment, you can make sure they are fully charged and ready to go when you need them.


Don’t bother picking up a sandwich or snack to eat when you arrive late. Pack a few ingredients to make a hot meal instead. Your apartment kitchen will be equipped with the basics so you can whip yourself up a quick meal without having to go in search of somewhere far fancier than necessary to eat.

SACO Apartments | What (not to pack | Serviced Apartments
SACO Apartments | What (not to pack | Serviced Apartments


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