How to get all your Christmas shopping done in one go in London

Christmas is now just a matter of days away. In fact, it’s probably more appropriate to count down in hours at this point. But what about those who haven’t done their festive shopping yet? You may have left it to the last minute for all manner of reasons, but you’re going to need a plan […]

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What (not) to pack for your serviced apartment stay

SACO Apartments | What not to pack for your serviced apartment stay

If you are a pro traveller, then you have probably got the act of packing down to a fine art. But if you’ve never stayed in a serviced apartment before you may want to tweak your formula. That’s because serviced apartments aren’t like hotels, hostels or many other forms of accommodation. They are designed to […]

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10 questions about the capital even life-long Londoners cannot answer

SACO Life Long Questions

London is a fascinating city, with even those who have lived there all their lives learning new things about it all the time. But what about the questions that nobody can answer? The things we know about the capital, but are not sure how they came about? Here are a few to ponder. Why is […]

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History of The City of London

SACO | History of City of London | SACO Apartments

Wandering through The City of London, it feels like an up-to-the-minute kind of place, but this modern financial centre is built on strong historical foundations. In fact, it is from this area of London that the rest of the metropolis grew. There are still hints and clues to its origins dotted about the Square Mile […]

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