24 hours in The City of London

The City of London is an exciting place to be visiting, with the bustle of productiveness felt all around. If you are staying here, then the chances are it is for a purpose – meetings with clients, checking in with HQ or scoping out potential partners. Either way, this is what a typical day looks like in the Square Mile, from your morning coffee to collapsing into bed in your serviced apartment.

Morning coffee

Your day in The City is likely to be non-stop and if you’re going to tackle it like a local then getting your morning coffee fix is an absolute must. Head to Benugo, which couldn’t be handier, as it’s located on Cannon Street, and grab a coffee and a breakfast yoghurt pot while you catch up on your emails. If you’re short on time, get that coffee to go and add a breakfast bagel to chow down on while going to your first meeting.

SACO Apartments | Benugo Coffee | The City Of London
SACO Apartments | Benugo Coffee | The City Of London

Escape the commute

Unlike so many of The City’s thousands of workers, you don’t have to make the commute into the area, as you’re staying so close by. This means you can walk to where you need to be and watch as the exits to the Underground stations throw out batches of commuters all heading towards their offices with haste.

Meet with a client

Going to see clients is one of the main reasons to be in The City, with certain industries having their offices clustered here so as not to miss a thing. These tend to be things like trading and financial services, so dressing the part and coming across as professional is an important part of these occasions. Spending a bit of time thinking about this before leaving the apartment is paramount and will have set you in good stead for the day.

Lunch with a colleague

Working lunches are big in The City and many of the restaurants in the area are geared up for this. Perhaps your colleague has an idea where to take you and any potential clients or partners, but Bread Street Kitchen is always a good choice. This Gordon Ramsay restaurant is formal enough to impress, but relaxed enough to put your associates at ease. Choose from a wide selection of seafood dishes, Italian classics and meaty mains to refuel you for the afternoon.

Get some tasks completed

Due to the business nature of The City there are lots of places well set up for you to work from. This means nobody will bat an eye when you set up your workspace, hog the Wi-Fi and get the most pressing tasks in your inbox sorted. If you don’t want to head to a café, then Central Working City is a great option. Not far from Liverpool Street station, it is set up as a highly effective working space for those without premises in The City with more internet than you can shake a stick at.

Drinks with a potential partner

We all know that on work trips, some of the most valuable deals are done not in offices, but while having drinks with a contact or over a meal. With this in mind you’ll want to wow them in the choice of your drinks venue. Craft beer is all the rage at the moment and with 16 on tap, you can’t go wrong with Pelt Trader. Located on Dowgate Hill it couldn’t be more convenient and is an example of how bars in The City can get it right.

A comfortable dinner

If you have spent much of the day with colleagues, clients and possible collaborators you will need a bit of downtime of your own. That is fair enough, especially as you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) still be working late into the evening if you were in your usual routine at home. Pick up some ingredients to rustle up a dish back at the apartment and kick off your shoes to eat it. Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at Chillango on nearby King William Street. You can opt to eat in or order one of their Mexican street food specialities to take away.

Collapse into bed

Get some well-earned rest after a productive day.

Extract: A typical day in The City is a busy one, but it’s likely to be productive and exciting.

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