How to get your bearings quickly in an unfamiliar place

SACO Apartments | How to get your bearings quickly in an unfamiliar place

Travelling for work can mean you get to see a lot of places and some of them are world-class cities. This is an exciting way of life, but being transported to bustling metropolises with just a few days or even hours to get yourself acquainted with the area and a job to do, can be […]

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Guide to December in The City of London

Guide to December in the city of London | SACO Apartments

December is upon us and it’s an exciting time to be in The City, as everywhere is dressed up in its Christmas best and there is a wide selection of seasonal events to enjoy. If you are due to be staying in the Square Mile during the month, check out these highlights and perhaps attend […]

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Guide to public transport from Cannon Street

SACO Guide to pubich transport from Cannon Street

Being located in The City of London is great for a whole host of reasons. Not only are you right in the thick of the action, but you couldn’t be better connected when it comes to public transport. After all, thousands of people commute in and out of the Square Mile every day, meaning there […]

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Top 10 ways to blend in with Londoners

Top 10 ways to blend in with Londoners | SACO Apartments

It’s great to fit in wherever you are in the world and since Londoners are a special breed (in the best possible way!) we thought we’d give you a helping hand. Here’s a quick lowdown of the dos and don’ts when it comes to “doing as the Romans do” when you’re in London. Don’t make […]

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24 hours in The City of London

The City of London is an exciting place to be visiting, with the bustle of productiveness felt all around. If you are staying here, then the chances are it is for a purpose – meetings with clients, checking in with HQ or scoping out potential partners. Either way, this is what a typical day looks […]

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Introducing: The City of London

The City of London, or the Square Mile, can be found right in the heart of the English capital, but is a destination in its own right. Known internationally as a financial centre, it is an ideal place for business travellers to be accommodated, with various institutions within its vicinity or walking distance away. But […]

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